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Oh, oh...what difference does it make!
Remember her asking about "O" ability to take the 3am call? Where WAS she when Benghazi went down? Yeah, I'm ready for her to carry the "FOOTBALL"...you?
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Obama says health care program stable

IC2much Wrote: Mar 16, 2014 12:09 PM
Every time he opens His mouth there should be a "WARNING" label : what you are about to hear is nothing but a lie, a GREAT BIG LIE!!
When the shoe's on the other foot....ouch! If the shoe fits. How 'bout HONESTY & FAIRNESS?
Hey, IF I figure out my taxes on one of those on-line companies and NEVER submit it, does IT count, that I DID MY TAxES?!?!?
So how old are you? What's a reasonable age for your demise?
Kinda like "shovel ready jobs" that aren't! This IS what happens when someone "O" & his administration address any "ISSUE" on Theory..nothing like tackling a project with the know HOW to accomplish it! But hey, they HOPE it will work. Just keep throwing OUR $$ at it......Honestly?
Thx..I can't believe THEY don't understand "A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND"
Video removed!!! POTUS has surrounded himself w/brown-nosed, leftist that think & walk like he does. "Talking" to "insignificant"(in his mind) Governors, they will automatically fall in line! REALLY? Isn't this enough PROOF of his "lunacy"? He really is living in an alternate universe.
Given for the SLAVES
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