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HBO Hates Popes, Loves Kennedys

IB4 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 3:22 PM
I'm sorry if I sound harsh and also truly sorry that you had to be silent for that terrible senseless crime you had to go thru, When I read and here most of conservative it's always blame liberals for what's wrong in our country, while I myself am not a liberal I do hold a lot of conservative values but would not truly identify myself as a conservative. We need to hold everyone accountable for their actions regardless of the politcal postion.
Pope Benedict XVI shocked the world on Monday morning by announcing he would resign at the end of February. For Catholics, there was sorrow and there was gratitude for a Holy Father who taught with such distinction and worked with such care to safeguard the church's theological traditions.

But there are those people who hate the Catholic Church, and they are ecstatic. Take documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney, a man who clearly thinks he is holier than the Pope. He told the Daily Beast that Benedict is a "criminal." This helps explain why he's made a documentary for HBO, the home...