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Dennis Prager Chews Up & Spits Out Perez Hilton -- Respectively -- On 'Larry King'

Ian_Zeggman Wrote: Jul 07, 2012 9:56 AM
Prager didn't chew anybody up. The only mistake Perez Hilton made was not challenging Dennis Prager to state EXACTLY what value he believes no two men can convey to a child, and EXACTLY what value he believes no two women can convey to a child. Yes, men's and women's differences go beyond the physical, but there is no human value which is exclusively male or exclusively female. Prager should be challenged to make explicit his vague appeal to prejudice.
At one point in the debate I felt sorry for Perez--it passed quickly. My wife asked me if Perez knew who he was going to debate on Larry King. I told her that he probably didn't care. Whoever disagrees with Perez, by definition, has "half a brain." If there were more Prager's debating these same-sex marriage advocates, America would support the traditional definition of marriage by a 80-plus percent majority.

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