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You're not read up on what the Lt. Governor of Texas' duties and responsibilities are, in order to see that Erickson doesn't know David Dewhurst from the broad side of a barn... so where do you get off telling me anything? I will never support Cruz until he man's up, and admits to lying. That's it. That's all. Dewhurst is the true man, he completely (even though he wasn't the nasty one in this fight) backed Cruz and gave all he had, and asked his supporters directly (I was one of them) to vote for Cruz in Nov. '12. I did what HE, Dewhurst, asked him, I never believed in Cruz and regret that I did vote for him in November. I never get answers from Cruz or his staff, they ignore me, they do not listen. So I'm done trying until he and them realize who they work for! Dewhurst understands that and is the only public servant that treats his position like he is the employee and the people are his boss (he says just that more times than you can count on both hands and feet). And back to his money, yeah he's got a lot of money, that he earned, from the business he built from nothing (funny, that used to be a virtue for conservatives), but another bit of facts that people don't talk about (and you can look this up too), Dewhurst's campaign at that time was run by a man who was stealing money from him (I say him because Dewhurst is wealthy enough to finance his own campaigns, from the sweat of his brow). I'm being more productive in fighting for Dewhurst because the Lt. Governor is the most important position in Texas, those in DC are hopeless, so yeah, I'm focusing on Texas and keep our state the best state, which will happen when David Dewhurst wins re-election next year.
First of all, her, not "him." Second, you can't refute anything I'm saying, so you copout and say "oh 'he' is a campaign director for Dewhurst." First, do you or do you not feel Texas is the most conservative state in the nation. Second, if you do, look up how our state works, read our Constitution, read up on the LBB, read up on what the Lt. Governor DOES, what the LG's duties and responsibilities ARE. Do that, if you have knowledge and you truly understand it, and you have the drive to make sure the truth is known and misinformation is kicked to the dirt... you'd be backing Dewhurst too, and you'd be called by those who are in the dark, his campaign director too. Funny how when regular every day people, who fight for the candidate they believe in are called grassroots and they are having their voices heard... until they speak the truth for a true, authentic conservative that's being lied about on a conservative website, then we're called "campaign operatives..." Hmm
Yeah, let's talk about that. Yeah, he won the runoff after coming in 2nd after Dewhurst in the May primary. Cruz had 4 extra months to spew lies about Dewhurst. Our primary was supposed to be on Super Tuesday. It was pushed back to May because the Feds sued us for our redistricting map. So Cruz got those 2 extra months, came in 2nd. Dewhurst didn't quite make the win outright because there were so freaking NINE people in that race! No one was going to make it past 50% with 9 people running! So, Cruz got another 2 more months to have his non-Texan endorsers (w/their platforms) to lie about Dewhurst and prop Cruz up... so with that addition 2 extra months and those "Conservative superstars" give only Cruz air time, and Dewhurst zero to refute anything (I think only Laura Ingraham gave Dew proper time and held Cruz accountable for wrong things... to which, he cried about and refused to go on her show again until the race was over), so with all that, in a state where there are 13 million registered Republicans... Cruz won by a little more than 200K. That small margin got him there (because in Texas you win the whole election in the primary, the general election is not a contest). After all of that, even if you still say, "He won, get over it." One: I don't have to do anything, if I do not want to. Second: Just because someone wins an election does NOT mean they are the best, and it also truly doesn't mean that more people wanted him/her. It means more people for that person showed up. The FACT (look it up, on the Texas Sec. of State's website) when more Texans showed up in May, Dewhurst was on top! Voter turnout for the runoff went down, and therefore Cruz came off with the win. Funny how those details are left out. Regardless, Dewhurst IS a true conservative with the best record to prove it and now those former Dewhurst haters (not all but far more than there were) are actually seeing him for who he truly is and the man he's been all along, and they are loving him! The way it should be.
The challenge is in HIS RECORD... but you know what, I will not read the article because I don't read smut, by fake Christians who lie about their neighbor. However, I'll bite, what is it that this non-Texans said that has you convinced (even though his record is more conservative than Cruz's words) that he's for big government? Again... he's made Texas government limited during his tenure and made Texas the shining beacon on the hill that many state's look to for the right thing to do. That's Dewhurst's record, but go ahead, what did this non-Texan convince you of? P.S. Hope you saw it before but again, read what this former Dewhurst hater has to say about him now (a Texan): http://urbangrounds.com/2013/10/dinner-with-dewhurst/
Dewhurst had Texans backing him, who know how this state works... Cruz had outsiders who couldn't pass a simple, SIMPLE, exam on Texas. That's precisely why Rick Perry said, rightly so, "Those individual (endorsing Cruz) don't know how Texas operates, and if they did, they'd be endorsing David Dewhurst." The reason he, rightly, said that is because the Texas Miracle was and is mostly created (on the government side, as you need conservative leaders to make sure they don't interfere in the people's lives) by David Dewhurst. The reason Cruz endorsers cried about that, is because they were called out on their ignorance, and their faux outrage was a cover for people to, hopefully for them, not see that they truly don't know who our state works. Erick Erickson is a prime example of people who talk like they know Texas, yet really wouldn't know it if it were right in their face. Oh... IMPORTANT FACT: David Dewhurst is running for Lt. Governor (and doing just fine), and HE is really getting out there and talking to the grassroots folks in Texas who had that wrong impression of him, and guess what??? It's more than working! He's telling them about his true record, and those people (you can find a number of them on Twitter, here's one: http://urbangrounds.com/2013/10/dinner-with-dewhurst/ That's a *ahem* recent article, not an old, worn out, wrong, article like Erickson's... oh and the guy is a Texan too) these people were so, SO hateful and rude about David Dewhurst when he was running against Cruz, just down right hateful! Yet now... they see the REAL David Dewhurst, the kind that is Texas and is the one that the faux Christians like Erickson lied their butts off about. They see the David Dewhurst as he truly is, and they LOVE HIM! So you know what, people may fall for the liars but the truth is getting out there and Texans will show that they do support real conservatives and David Dewhurst will continue to be our Lt. Govenror, keeping our state red and out of the control of the real enemy, Democrats.
LOL! Nice try, but you're relying on a non-Texan.... who can't even figure out that our state government is the State Legislature, Erickson thinks it's called the General Assembly... and you are going on opinion and NOT facts. Look up Legislative Budget Board, and see what they are all about, look at who is chairman, then reconcile that with the fact that our state budget is cut where it needs to be, the only spending we have is smart, limited spending, AND we have billions in surplus every year due to their hard work. Dewhurst's record IS conservative, he doesn't talk about it. He encourages people to look at his record, and doesn't hide from it. Why? HE DOESN'T NEED TO! As long as opinion talkers don't use ignorance to try and lie (not something good Christians are supposed to do, huh?) about the best thing that's ever happened to Texas. By the way, don't just look up the LBB, look at our Texas CONSTITUTION, it's clearly written to reflect a strong Lt. Governor. Once that is KNOWN, then you see our Conservative state in action (unless you deny that Texas is not conservative...), and then see who's got his hand in the process: David Dewhurst!! Why is that hard for some people? Can you and others who think that, just not think for yourselves? You have to have someone else tell you what "facts" are? Hope you see the light.... P.S. I didn't respond right away because I have my amazing job in this amazing state, that's run by amazing men like Dewhurst and Rick Perry. They work hard to make this state the best it can be, so I'm gonna return the favor.
That is it! For the people who just say things without any proof to back up ANYTHING! they say: David Dewhurst IS NOT, WAS NOT THE MODERATE PICK in the Texas Senate 2012 primary against freakin' Ted Cruz! No proof will ever come about that is is/was, because it ISN'T TRUE! Why not look at the facts: Texas is the most conservative state in the union and proves just as much with the conservative principles that our state government is run by! The Lt. Governor (which is what David Dewhurst is!) is the most powerful position, it's both an executive and a legislative position (it's been that way since the end of Reconstruction). The budget is balanced (and it is every year, with BILLIONS IN SURPLUS) by the Legislative Budget Board which the LT. GOVERNOR is the chairman of! Our conservative budget, again with BILLIONS IN SURPLUS EVERY YEAR, when we make smart cuts to keep our financial obligations in check, COME FROM THE LT. GOVERNOR WHO IS DAVID DEWHURST! Aside from just the budget, DAVID DEWHURST has cut taxes 50+ times at Lt. Governor! He's passed more pro-life legislation than anyone, he's for school choice, he's leading the fight against the liberal CSCOPE, he's an avid 2nd Amendment defender, and the list doesn't even come close to stopping there! More proof, look at him as man: he started a business from NOTHING and now is worth (and the company of course) millions! He's a veteran, he served in the CIA, and he is an actual Texas Cowboy, a world ranking cutting horse competitor, he was a team roper, and is a member of the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame! All of those actual qualities he has are FAR from moderate, and people who just say things with no *beeping* proof need to man up and admit they are damn wrong about this GOOD, HONEST AND CONSERVATIVE MAN, David Dewhurst! By the way, all of those things that Dewhurst HAS/IS DOING (the budget cutting, the tax cuts, building a business from nothing, being a veteran, a real Cowboy, etc.) Cruz has done NONE of those.... so who's the more conservative one. It sure as hell ain't the second dude I just mentioned....
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