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Conservative House Republicans’ Budget Proposal

iambornagain Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 10:22 AM
The relevant question really is: how can the government LEGALLY operate without a budget for three plus years? Who is the entity that must enforce the LAW of having congress and the POTUS present a budget each and every year? When will the people (both parties) step up and force government to follow the CONSTITUTION and its requirements of the state?

The Republican Study Committee released its fiscal 2013 budget proposal this week and it’s not horrible. That’s probably a compliment given that the bar is so low on Capitol Hill that one would trip on it. According to the RSC’s numbers, federal spending as a percentage of GDP would recede to a bit over 18 percent in 2022. That’s a level of spending that hasn’t been achieved since George Bush and his fellow Republicans in Congress initiated the federal spending spree of the past ten years.

I give the RSC credit for wanting to rein in the size of...

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