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have him contact me as soon as he announces. I will work for him in the Duluth area.
lets be realistic - the reason marriage is failing in this country, and the world, is that we have strayed too far from God, and we think the world revolves around ourselves.
most bang for the buck, so to speak. If you want a fund raiser, raffle off something in high demand. Therefore you will get the most sales of raffle tickets. Who the heck wants to win a massage or a basket full of personal hygine products?
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Just One Small Point ...

iambornagain Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 3:19 PM
one arguement for NO abortions, (leaving God and the Bible out of it, for you secularists), is that if the 54 million children aborted in the years since 1972 in America alone, had been born, there would be a much larger work force, and then the giant ponzi scheme of social security would not be in any danger of crashing. However, the best reason for NO abortions is GOD is pouring out tears for those that were denied life.
First off, GOD has a plan. HE alone knows what that my be. This pastor has felt a call to go to a Islamic nation and spread the Gospel. He should be mightily praised for doing this. Secondly, our nation can not expect other nations to bow down to our laws, even if they are clear to us (freedom of speech). Thus, potus can do very little . GOD will work this out to HIS glory. Be patient and pray for the pastors' release.
We as a nation are more than bankrupt! The amount of debt is so large as to even be imagineable. Any court would have long ago ruled for the bankruptcy, if an individual tried to run up as much debt percentage wise to their income. In fact we would be joining Bernie Madoff in his government paid lodgings. When the currency becomes worthless, as in the German Weimar Republic, there will be riots much bigger than the summer of 1967 in the large cities, and large numbers of people will be killed
you all seem to be missing the point. If enough people stop even mentioning the names of those on the left, they will become invisable in the media
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Leaving America

iambornagain Wrote: Apr 19, 2012 12:43 PM
Our rules on immigration are much to slack. If you come to this country , you should be required to learn English (Spanish speakers), sign a loyalty pledge that your citizenship comes before any religion(Islam), and promise to abide by ALL U.S. laws. If you break them, you can be deported without trial. Look, people, we are fast becoming Europe, and that is not working for them either.
gary, I would like the reference to this article. It would be great to post in my business
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Obama's Zimmerman Problem

iambornagain Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 1:38 PM
My main concern/question is? If the shoe was on the other foor, would Jackson/sharpton weigh in? I think not, as is evidenced by the shooting in the Twin Cities on this past Tuesday. A white man,Jody Patzner Jr, was riding a bike delivering pizza to a family friend. He was confronted by three men, who wanted his bike. They shot and killed him. Police withheld the eye witness ID of race of killers. next day, Hezekiah Hamilton was arrested for the murder. his race? african american, hmm. where is the uproar over this?
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