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Kansas judge blocks portions of state's new abortion law

Iam7 Wrote: Jul 01, 2013 2:44 PM
"State law may infringe whenever it deems it necessary." You are mistaken about that. The 1st amendment applies to the states through incorporation via the 14th amendment. It means that states cannot infringe on 1st amendment rights any more than the federal government.

By Kevin Murphy

KANSAS CITY (Reuters) - A Kansas judge on Friday issued a temporary injunction on two parts of the state's new anti-abortion law, while upholding the majority of far-reaching measure that goes into effect Monday.

Shawnee County District Judge Rebecca Crotty struck down a part of the law that forbids a waiver of the required 24-hour waiting period to be granted based on the woman's mental health.

Crotty also struck down a part of the law requiring abortion providers on their websites to vouch for the accuracy and independence of the state's health department material on abortions.


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