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Sununu: "This President is Not a Nice Guy"

iacon3000 Wrote: Aug 28, 2012 12:56 PM
Are the teapartiers "nice guys?" or the birthers, truthers, or that idiot congressman that shouted during the president's state of the union? The right wing is nothing but a bunch of dirty, disrespectful, SWINE.

In another Townhall one-on-one conversation, former New Hampshire Governor and Romney campaign surrogate John Sununu discussed his new nickname ("the honey badger") and offered his assessment of the presidential race.  Sununu said it was wise for Mitt Romney to focus on a message of "President Obama's a nice guy, but he's failed as president," but emphasized in no uncertain terms that he isn't willing to cut Obama the same amount of slack:


"It's smart for the candidate to...