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"If we do not rally around our President our enemies will become weaker." Okay. So let's not rally.
Keep comparing this Syria situation with Iraq. Go ahead. It speaks VOLUMES.
So, she leaves her seat in the TX Senate to go (in all probability) lose in the race for governor, which takes her out of any sort of political office altogether for a bit? Swing a way, Wendy. Swing away.
Good. Let them. Now, we all know what the narrative is going to be: This all would have worked just fine if not for those pesky states and Republican politicians obstructing "progress." You listening, RNC? FIGURE IT OUT THIS TIME - IT'S NOT HARD.
So, when the price of everything else goes up to compensate, will he increase MY salary, too?
But they'll be sure to raise it while our salaries stay the same, and the price of everything from rent to BigMac's will go up. Yay.
How about someone says, "Want to control violent crime? Then stop shooting each other, you morons." But, no - that would be racist.
Sandra Fluke is still a thing?
Might correct her lisp.
You mean to say that none of you want to pay MORE in income taxes so that someone else can retire comfortably? Bunch of capitalist, self-centered pigs, the lot of you.
Nothing says "I support killing a fetus at 6+ months" like wearing cotton from your ears. Must be a white privilege thing.
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