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None of those things kill babies.
Once again, the fact that this woman manages to walk and breathe at the same time blows my mind.
They don't want changes to the ACA. They want it GONE.
"Terrorists?" You're a complete, utter, joke of a human being.
You mean those things I'm forced to pay into that I'll never, ever benefit from. Thanks for taking money from my family every week.
The law forces people out of work, curbs hiring, increases costs, and, no matter how much you want to duck it, FORCES INDIVIDUALS INTO 3RD PARTY CONTRACTS UNDER THREAT OF PENALTY. That is not "freedom."
Unfortunately, I'm sure their constituents will applaud this move.
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10 Things to Know for Today

Hype_Blame22 Wrote: Sep 06, 2013 9:28 AM
"Typical republican.....blame someone else" So, your Dear Leader is a Republican now?
"If we do not rally around our President our enemies will become weaker." Okay. So let's not rally.
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