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Not Too Much Clout

hyedenny Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 6:32 PM
You got that right - the enterprise is a fantasy and the B1 bomber is a proven capable fighting machine. The election was a result of low turnout, an uninformed (or downright stupid) electorate, and fraud. The evidence is ample. You liberals live in a fantasy world and some day soon it will come crashing down on us all.

Generally, presidents enjoy a post-election approval rating bounce.  Nate Silver notes that since Harry Truman left office in 1952, the median bounce in approval has been 6.25%; the average has been 7%.  The bounce for Obama is the smallest since Truman (who actually lost a percentage point); he has enjoyed a bounce of only 2%.

As Silver points out, this may represent the hardened partisan divisions of the present day.  But it also makes it hard to argue that President Obama is sweeping into a new term on a resurgence of public approval -- and his inability to make that claim...