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Conservatives are silly, Romney had the right small Government, low debt message. The problem is Republicans can't win unless they change into Democrats. With half of Americans dependent on Govt., they will not accept a message of small Govt. If they can get a part time job, food stamps and then "free" healthcare and Obama is saying it can be Christmas every day if we just raise taxes, Republicans will never win.
Conservatives are so silly. He doesn't like Christie. He just likes that Christie bear hugged Obama with Sandy. John McCain thought liberals loved him until he ran against Obama.
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Why Did Mitt Romney Lose?

hwimberly Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 2:12 PM
A big part of Romney's loss is Sandy and Christie. That really hurt Romney. He was out of the news for 3-4 days a week before the election. Secondly, America has become a welfare state. Obama won with a message of big government and more taxes while we're in 16 trillion dollars in debt and 7.9% unemployment. Obama has crushed the middle class and the "evil" 1% has gotten richer under Obama. The gap between rich and poor has increased under Obama and poverty is up. Obama has done NOTHING for the middle class but the promise of more government is enough for them to support the Obama lie.
R.I.P. America Conservatives have to face the fact that this Country has changed. It wants a big government to give them free stuff even though we're 16 trillion dollars in debt, 7.9% unemployment (which will rise to over 8% again now Obama's re-elected. You have over 50% of the population who wants class warfare. They want the Government to give them"free stuff."
Face it, it's over for Romney. Chris Christie buried the Romney Campaign and Romney was out of the news for 4 days with Christie and Obama gazing into each others eyes in picture after picture.
Romney never overperforms!! This happened throughout the entire primaries!!
If Romney loses it's because of Chris Christie. There's nothing wrong with being cordial to the President, but he gave Obama a big bear hug. Christie knew that all the gushing over Obama and the photos of Christie gazing into Obamas eyes would be used for politics. Obama even called Christie when he was on the stage with Springsteen. Why Christie stabbed Romney in the back is a mystery to me.
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'Bindergate:' Evidence Obama is Losing?

hwimberly Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 3:58 PM
Obama has pushed Big Birdgate and now Bindergate but no talk of trillion dollar deficits or Welfare rolls increasing by 32% under his watch.
Where's Lybia?
Obama's record is so bad, I'm shocked anyone would vote for him.
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