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Hollywood Hates Nuns

hwaet2 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 1:43 PM
It may be cable but it's still cr@p. What's your point in bringing that up? Don't criticize sleaze if you don't pay for it? Huh? So if you don't pay dues to the Republican Party you can't criticize it? You're an imbecile.
JacqueDarcy Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 2:51 PM
As an ex-liberal, and even when I was a liberal, I never understood the "don't criticize if you haven't experienced it." To me that's the child-like (and heck, it isn't close to being wise) mentality. It's like saying I never had AIDS before so I can't say if it it's a bad thing. Or I never drank a case of beer and threw up, so I can't criticize those that do. You get the idea.

Some hateful stereotypes never die in Hollywood. The cover of the Sept. 7 edition of Entertainment Weekly featured the 63-year-old actress Jessica Lange, smirking in a nun's black habit, holding a big, punishing cane in her hands. Lange is returning for a second season on the FX series "American Horror Story," but this time with an entirely new plot and characters.

Nuns are now a thing of horror. "Jessica Lange returns, this time as a terrifying nun," promised the magazine's cover. They eagerly hyped a new storyline that's "a macabre mash-up of nuns, Nazis, aliens, a serial killer named...