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Petraeus Just Another Mystery Victim in the Benghazi Triangle

hvogel Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 7:34 AM
I wouldn't pay for the nation building we have been trying for the past ten years because I wouldn't have tried it. I have invaded Afghanistan, knocked the Taliban off their perch, then withdrawn. If Iraq continued to flout sanctions, I'd have seriously considered doing the same thing in Iraq. I'd have gone for swift, punitive strikes to remove governments supportive of those who attacked us then made it clear I'd do the same thing again if necessary. All "nation building" does is leave a bunch of targets on the ground for our enemies to target. It doesn't achieve the desired result and the cost -- in lives and dollars -- is too high.

Watch out! There is a cosmic force at work. One by one, people caught up in the Benghazi Triangle are disappearing.

First it was AFRICOM commander General Carter F. Ham who was given early retirement. Ham’s sphere of military authority extended to Benghazi.

Then Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, who commanded the aircraft carrier attack task group in the Mediterranean near Benghazi, was recalled to Bremerton pending a Navy Inspector General investigation.   

And now another coincidental “resignation” in the chain of command working the Benghazi overwatch is either pointing to a cosmic force at work, or gasp! a...

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