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Penn State penalty unfair, but the right thing

huttonb Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 3:26 PM
This may be the most ridiculous argument I have heard on this topis so far. I am a parent of three and I cannot even begin imagine punishing any of them when I knew my punishment was unfair. The punishment handed down by the NCAA was not fair nor right. It was simply the NCAA once again playing a role they were not created to do and pretending like it is taking the moral high ground. What is wrong with just letting the judicial branch hand out the punishment to these criminals? It is a criminal case not an athletic competition case. Sad that educated people like yourself can argue that being unfair is the right thing to do!

Every parent worth his or her salt at one time or another has done what the NCAA did this week when sanctioning Penn State University.

Confronted with the misdeeds of our children, we parents often are forced to act in a manner that quickly and emphatically sends a message: Your actions have consequences, not only for yourself, but also for those whom you selfishly neglected to consider.

The goal is to teach an invaluable life lesson: Innocent people are hurt by your selfish actions. That’s what makes them selfish. That’s what makes them wrong.

This week, the NCAA said as much...