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The Dissolution of the "United States of Obama"

Huskie Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 12:58 AM
It's not Fox dear it's common sense obama has built nothing your argument is so weak..we all paid for those roads, schools, etc. my parents owned their own business for 30 years worked 24/7 rarely took time off ....busted their butts obama did nothing to help them they made their business a success and yes paid for the roads going to it...the stock market hmmm Qe3 compliments of the stupid Bernake to help your hero some research quit watching maddow and ed...use your mind

Apparently, the Obama campaign has surreptitiously dumped the mocked-up American flag it was selling in its campaign store.

Good riddance. For someone who is so hostile to free enterprise, the President certainly seems willing to enter the market with some pretty sleazy merchandise.  Perhaps his obvious dislike for enterpreneurs springs from a misperception that they, like him, will sell anything to make a buck.

In any case, it is telling that he tried to market the flag in the first place -- and equally telling that it is now gone.  Obviously, they were getting feedback that concerned them . ....