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Obama's Real War on Women

Huskie Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 11:38 PM
Just FYI as a girl we know how to put on our big girl pants and we don't barry or moochelle to tell us how to live since I am unemployed that is my TOP priority I can handle any other girl issues on my own I just don't want to pay for the other girls pills or abortions

I touched on this earlier today, but it's worth revisiting. President Obama's White House pays women less than men, yet Democrats are still holding onto their Republican "war on women" meme. My colleague Guy brought my attention to a video produced by Concerned Women For America in April detailing President Obama's war on women by reminding us of DNC adviser Hilary Rosen's attack on stay-at-home mom and cancer survivor Ann Romney, the hostile work place known as the White House and the staggering number of women living in poverty as a result of Obama's policies.