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I don't know how long "Moron" has been in office, but good riddance to one of the fools that has led us to 17.5 trillion debt. More pay you have got to be kidding.
He already took an oath that he appears to have violated, to defend the constitution.
Mr. Congressman: If you were on the board of directors of any major or minor corporation, your performance would get you a free trip to an unemployment line. The gross incompetence that is prevalent in the house and senate does not warrant a raise, but replacement. This goes for both sides of the isle.
They are just a bunch of poopy heads :)
I can't respect anyone who does not respect our constitution.
God this clown is dellusional
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Jay Carney Leaving White House?

Husker123 Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 9:55 PM
Apparently there is a limit even for Carney on how many lies you tell and still live with yourself.
This woman is stupid. What does that say about the people who elected her.
So that is the biggest problem the girl scouts face, the word "bossy"
Another feckless red line. What a joke this man has made of the United States.
"Hypocritical Hollywood" Isn't that redundant?
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