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What gives blacks the permission to kill blacks? Seems like that is a bigger problem.
That's a requirement to be a democrat in politics.
How brave. Think he needs a trip to Texas for a big hug.
That's right when you don't have facts on your side, then the other side should have their freedom of speech taken away.
I think I will start with real scientists, not those scientists depend on grant funding from the federal government and bow to political pressure.
And in the middle of the night they will crawl out and take your head. Sleep tight.
This is a conservative web site. It does not hide the fact that there are bias. Only the main stream media pretends to be neutral.
" I need to be reminded that on Saturday I will wake up pregnant and on Sunday I will not" with the knowledge that I have killed my baby. Maybe you should have practiced birth control or better maybe your parents should have.
It happened because of global warming
If you are proficient with a gun you know wear the bullet stops. Double tap to the center mass.
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