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Leftists like Harris-Perry are all about eliminating personal responsibility. She argues the fetus is not human so she can support abortion and avoid the responsibility of engaging in unprotected sex. She then argues that children who are born become the responsibility of the collective so she can avoid the responsibility of deciding to give birth. Everything is everyone else’s fault and responsibility. She's a cowardly fool wrapped in a meaningless degree so she can feel good about herself. She makes no meaningful contribution to society and is little more than an oxygen thief.
Rosa Parks didn't 'NEED' to sit in the front of the bus. But liberty not exercised is liberty lost.
Nice. When his super pac was going negative on Gingrich with all the disproven ethics chargers made by Democrats when Gingrich was speaker, Romney said he couldn't repudiate them because he wasn't allowed to "coordinate" with their campaign. Now that a Suprepac wants to tell the truth about Obama, Romney has no problem coordinating with their campaign.
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Making Life Fair

Hunter Curt Wrote: May 16, 2012 10:09 AM
Define "Fair". Fair is a hollow word that sounds nice but has no meaning apart from the perspective of the person using it. Fair is a word used by pseudo intellectuals to make their argument sound reasonable and compelling when it actually has no reason or substance. Fair is a word designed to forestall debate by branding those who disagree as being “unfair”. The more you post the more obvious it becomes that there is not real depth to your arguments.
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