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Obama vs Romney Polls: When You Crunch the Numbers, Romney is Actually Doing Very Well

Hunrodr Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 12:50 PM
How can you POSSIBLY know that. If you think o is gonna carry all the states he carried last time yur sorely mistaken my friend. As a matter of fact, you kinda sound like a guy who called my house taking a POLL! C'mon Paul.....fess up....that was you huh?
Editors' note: this piece originally appeared at PolicyMic.

Two things typically happen after the major parties conventions come to an end. People that normally do not pay attention for most of the year start to pay attention to the news and polls more, and voter enthusiasm jumps up as a result. The major polls that are appearing on the daily newscasts, in the newspapers and on the internet have become incredibly important. While meant to accurately reflect the views of the nation, these polls today have unfortunately turned into a weapon.

Many major organizations have skewed their...