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My New Second Amendment Diversity Plan

Hunrodr Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 8:54 AM
Mike, you do realize that the (according to what little research i did) actual percenatge of the population of the US that are "criminals" is somewhere around you writing such an article as this is purely prejudice against a minority. I think it's time for you to attend some sensitivity classes, maybe something that will soften your grudge you have against those poor women who just want to have a little sex paid for while attending college. $3k is a lot of money yanno.
AWL TUFTEDTITMOUSE,Esq Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 8:57 AM
Dat Right, Hun !

" Doan Sen Ow Yung Menna Jail . . . Sen Ow Yung Manna Yale '

I’m getting sick and tired of all the violence. Every few months, the campus community gets another email blast from the police saying that a gunman is loose on the UNCW campus. For those who don’t know, UNCW stands for The University of North Carolina at We-are-sitting-ducks-because-only-criminals-carry-guns-on-campus. Our ban on guns has turned the campus into safe haven for armed robbers. It has also increased the incidence of violent crime around the perimeter of our campus. The explanation for the trend is purely common sense. And my solution is pure genius, largely because it is born of my boundless humility.