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I'm tempted to disagree with you Derek, and I don't do that often. I agree with BigDawg. You don't come out on attack mode against your own kind and that's exactly what K. Rove and his followers have done. The only thing Karl has shown us is that he doesn't know sht. I no longer trust him, Mitch, Johnny, Paul Ryan, McCain....the list goes on. There was a time when they at least had (maybe I just woke up and they never really did) the best of intentions for the party. Yes you have been writing about things no one wants to hear and that's because we can't get people to listen. We're sick of the games. We're SICKENED by the tactics of using dems to win repub elections. We're stick of all this...even my establishment type friends are sick of the establishment types. This "electability" sht has got to stop, this has GOT to be about principles and ethics, morals and constitutionality. It may not resonate right now....but if people like you started pushing it we'd have a much better chance...but what do I know? This is me sharing Derek, this is where "I" think we lose in the margins...because we don't support the men and women of character over those of longevity.
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Pitiful Community Racism

Hunrodr Wrote: 10 hours ago (7:32 AM)
I don't understand how the trolls can still come here and support 0-bama. I mean if you take away their politics most of them have a better command of the English language than I do, have more education than I do, probably make more money than I do., and yet they still hold on kicking and screaming to dear leader's pants cuff. Look, let's be real. 0-bama was not and is not equipped to handle the job of POTUS. His resume is so thin (and PLEASE don't hold up anyone else and say but but but...) that w/out him being 1/2 black he never would have been elected. You can't defend that. There is nothing that can combat nothing. This man has not learned while in office he has withdrawn. His golfing has become a symptom of some kind of neurosis, I mean honestly, who the hell goes from giving a (crappy) speech about the death of an American at the hands of a zealot to the golf course in 6 MINUTES? I can understand being disappointed about the outcome of your choices gentlemen, but really now, you're looking a little pathetic holding up your king with no clothes. (sorry for the poor grammar, I only have "some college" and it's almost all tech, I had to work all my life instead of getting PHDs in the humanities)
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Have You Heard About Hillary?

Hunrodr Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 10:29 AM
He HAD to take a victory lap....couldn't let it be a victory...had to be HIS victory
the part about this I don't believe is/are the results of the previous 6 months....not july's result being the lowest....I believe all the others have been inflated.
Amen Debra....thanks....
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This is Providence

Hunrodr Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 6:55 AM
wow.....tearful joy at the work of God....amen brother....
HA! YES she is!
makes too much sense rmt....c'mon...he's a dem
For pete's sake...are you REALLY that uninformed? How can you come to this site and not know the real truth of what's going on over there? Or are you just a troll?
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