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Paul Ryan's Moment

hunkahunka Wrote: Oct 10, 2012 11:46 PM
I wonder how many times Biden is going to put his foot in his own mouth while trying to get his hip high enough to try to kick Ryan's butt. This ought to be funnier than a 3 stoogies film (original Howard Brothers, not today's idiots).

Gallup is reporting that Mitt Romney has received a five-point bounce from his trouncing of the President in last week’s debate, with the race tied at 47-47. The race is a dead heat, and, just like the MLB playoffs happening in Washington for the first time in decades, every single play now counts.

This week, Vice-President Biden will face Congressman Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential Debate. Conservatives have been licking their lips for this one ever since Ryan was selected by Governor Romney as his running mate back in early August.

But don’t count Biden out too soon: he has...