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MA Senate: Elizabeth Warren Defeats Scott Brown

Humphrey Applebee Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 8:54 AM
Lucky sperm club? You must be talking about the Kennedys, Andrew Cuomo, Jesse Jackson Jr and Nancy Pelosi. None of them ever produce a damn thing in thier lives yet are very wealthy because of that their daddies or grandaddies did. The only difference is that their empires are built on governmental power and not on a productive private secter enterprise.

We at Townhall have been covering this hotly contested Senate race for months and the results are finally in: With 36 percent of precincts reporting, Elizabeth Warren has been declared the next junior Senator from Massachusetts.

Warren has never held public office before and the eye-popping $36 million she raised this election cycle evidently proved more than enough to unseat incumbent Senator Scott Brown. This was the most expensive Senate race of 2012 -- by a long shot.

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