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I doubt you really hate stupid ignorant racism. If you did, you would be critical of Jackson, Sharpton and the CBC.
No, not unless it's a Republican right?
It is obvious that you haven't read any
The problem isn't that Obama is the preezy. It's that we have an electorate stupid enough to put this beneficiary of affirmative action back in the white house. Isn't it funny the more he gives to the non producers, the higher percentage of thier vote he gets?
Actually I have read Marx and have had more than one course in Marxist Economics in my undergrad days. let's put it this way, he is a hell of a lot closer to Marxism than he is to Free market Capitalism.
Don't blame this guy. He's getting paid to do this. Blame the TH moderators who are clueless as to how to stop him.
Note to TH moderators: See what can happen when you are aslep at the wheel and let the Soros/DNC paid "online consultants" to ruin the comments section? They are succeeding in ruining your site.
Thay should have read if they are NOT coming here to debate. (Which is certainly true)
Wrong! if they are coming here to debate and only to cut and paste from the script of the day, then they should be banned.
OMG. the Soros funded "online consultants" have been cutting and pasting on this thread too. I wonder if there is a job opening for a moderator on the weekdn?
They are paid to do this. They were never sent here to debate, only to disrupt.
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