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Beware a Beneficent Government

Humphrey Applebee Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 7:09 AM
Correction to your date line: Wilson was in office from 1913-1921 TAFT was in office from 1909 to 1913
A silly man on a silly network who says silly things. The fact that this clown has a microphone and a platform speaks volumes about MSNBC. No network that would do this deserves respect. The same applies to those segments of society who take this buffoon seriously.
The NBA may have it in their powers but that doesn't make it right.
This isn't about having the same rights as married people. The civil union laws in many states would assure that. It's no longer about equality. This is about gaining political power through intimidation. Unfortunately most people are afraid to stand up to the intimidation. if the layers from the Miami Dolphins had any backbone they would refuse to go to any bogus sensitivity training. If the players union really cared about protecting its members it would defend said players rights not to participate in the dog and pony show
Which is why, even on a personal level with people you know and consider "friends, you can't, when all is said and done, respect a lib.
Not to mention brain dead and crypto-totalitarian. The scary thing is that this dipschlit is considered a "professor" and gets paid to spew her ignorance on youtes who know no better.
I don't recall him saying he harbors "ill will" towards Obama? And where does that yarn about Chinese woman come from? Jeeze you're stupid.
You touched a good reform. If you want to decrease the cost of insurance, eliminate this mandate. Nice touch with the race card though.
It doesn't matter. If I am an employer and I am paying the bills, I should be able to make the call. Given the inherent totalitarian bend of modern progressives, it is not surprising that the believe they have the authority to decide how and were I should be able to live out my religious beliefs. A good show of civil disobedience would be for them to stop offering health insurance if it means being forced to ac against your conscience.
Cheated...no. Insulting the collective intelligence of the country...yes
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