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The New World Disorder

humbleman Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 9:53 PM
sadly the average american just worries about there newest tweet or text message. i was at work the other day and asked this college girl what she thought about the presidential race? she said "oh i dont care." the apathy of our nation is amazing. the media programs them and they dont even know what they are voting for let alone care. i asked her what her biggest concern was. mind you this is a 20 year old girl attending college. her answer "well, i guess it would be if i get my pell grant."
After his great victory in Desert Storm, George H.W. Bush went before the United Nations to declare the coming of a New World Order.

The Cold War was yesterday. Communism was in its death throes. The Soviet Empire had crumbled.

The Soviet Union was disintegrating. Francis Fukuyama was writing of "The End of History." Savants trilled about the inevitable triumph of democratic capitalism.

Yet, in 2012, sectarianism, tribalism and nationalism are all resurgent, reshaping a world where U.S. power and influence are visibly receding.

Syria is sinking into a war of all against all that may end with a breakup of the...