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This is a Warning: North Korea Issues War Alert

Huh? Wrote: Oct 28, 2012 7:53 AM
Paranoia? You mean the kind of paranoia that uses a mortar round to execute a drunk? The kind of paranoia that allows millions of people to starve? Is that the kind of paranoia you are talking about?
Supercoolman Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 5:38 AM
Exactly. The kind of paranoia that surveillances US citizens and monitors their actions through all communication devices and outlets. The paranoia that communities, unions, and pretty much all of society that would rise against the few, which is why the US structure is designed as it is. The US spends and spends not only to protect itself from "outsiders" but to protective itself against its own citizens. When I say "it", I mean the elites of course.

North Korea: This is a warning.

The Pyongyang government has announced a nationwide semi-state of war alert, the second highest readiness level, just below state of war alert. The alert is to last through 31 October.

This is a critical warning indicator, either of a North Korean provocation or of precautions against a surprise attack by the Allies. In either case it is a high cost action that signifies the North judges it is in a crisis, real or contrived.

The duration of this...

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