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I'm not much interested in anything Ann Coulter has to say anymore until she admits she was wrong about that self-serving RINO Christie.
Obama is a liar, a thug, and a criminal. Too bad the GOP doesn't have the balls to say it.
Clyburn is just another member of the black KKK aka the Congressional Black Caucus. Fortunately for us they are an incompetent bunch.
We should keep the debt limit and enforce it. We should eliminate tax cheating treasury secretaries by hanging them.
Kristol is an establishment RINO republican. Always was, always will be.
Before all is said and done I suspect this witch will wind up with a bullet in the head.
I suppose as a parasite you approve of freebies, eh?
Go away baby butcher.
Oh please do give us an excuse to start using the training we do every week at the gun ranges across the heartland. The democrat party will end as an ash heap just like another murderous regime did. The Third Reich was not as cowardly or as murderous as you baby killers have been so expect your end to be worse than theirs. God sits on the throne and your judgement is assured.
The fact that these sick and twisted animals who's most important issue every election is the continuing holocaust of the unborn would stand as accuser to anyone is laughable.
How is criticizing this nigro sIut racist or sexist?
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