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This fat RINO pig Christie reveals his true colors more and more as time goes on.
Powell was happy to play a republican when there were republican presidents to promote him. In reality he is nothing but a phony and a racist hate monger.
Schumer is an enemy of the Constitution and an enemy of the American people. Hopefully the day will come soon where he will stand trial before a militia tribunal and be convicted and executed.
Gregory is nothing but another baby killing criminal nazi-crat that needs to be put under the sword.
Soledad O'Brien is someone who works very hard to prove she is a blubbering idiot time and time again. LMAO
Johnson is the same idiot who called a plan to liberalize immigration for those who would benefit the U.S. the most racist a couple of weeks ago.
If you truly believe in representative democracy then you must agree there in nobody better suited to represent the human garbage of Massachussetts than this turd.
I will definitely not vote for a Bush again even though Jeb was a relatively decent governor in Florida where I live. The Bush family has done a lot of damage to conservatism. After the 2000 hanging chad election Jeb pursued the "big government" route and spent millions to get new voting machines instead of the small government solution of telling those who were too stupid to push a pin through a card that the state was better off without the votes of morons. Jeb is just another big government republican.
They can laugh and mock God but there is no remedy for the judgement that speeds towards them that they don't see coming...
"Clyburn" is another code word for stupid.
I'm not much interested in anything Ann Coulter has to say anymore until she admits she was wrong about that self-serving RINO Christie.
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