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Freedom to Gamble

huge_brain Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 1:29 PM
Americans are forced to purchase heathcare insurance through Obamacare. Americans must be careful what they say lest they are fired or forced into sensitivity training. The U.S. Government is spying on it's own citizens with drones. There is not more freedom Mr. Chapman. It's unfortunate you equate gambling with freedom. You probably think legalizing drugs is also freedom. It's sad you confuse liberty with license.
But the problem for you is we love our guns and go to the shooting range every week to practice. So when you leftist pigs overreach like you are about to do with gun control you will get the civil war you've been itching for and then we will put you baby killers under the sword just as we put your spiritual fathers, the slave owners under the sword over a century ago. Your future is bleak but you are too stupid and drunk on the kool-aid to know it.
Piers morgan is arrogant, stupid, and dispicable. In other words he's just like his ancestors which is why we kicked the heII out of them and formed our own nation over 200 years ago.
Obama wants to keep the borders open as law breakers are his top constituentcy.
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Groupon Cancels All Gun-Related Deals

huge_brain Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 8:52 PM
The perfect symbolic support for Groupon's right to cancel gun related deals is to cancel Groupon. Now go do your patriotic duty and send them an email letting them know why!
Why is it that nazi baby killers are the ones who's heads you would love to empty a glock into?
hmmmm zygotes, and the term used for the souls of those who will burn in hell for an eternity is worm.
...and meanwhile God will cast into hell all of those who thought they could negotiate when it is alright to murder his creation.
I don't see the controversy about this ad. The actor is obviously playing Satan who is talking to all of the nazi baby killers who will soon join him in heII.
No surprise to see these demonic democrat habitual liars and baby killers in action.
This fat RINO pig Christie reveals his true colors more and more as time goes on.
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