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First, the Bad News

HuffingPaintPost Wrote: Jan 17, 2013 12:51 PM
Doesn't sound very scientific. Why didn't you switch to non-GMO corn instead of totally eliminating it? All you've proven is that it's stupid to feed cats a lot of corn-- which is probably true. They're virtually carnivorous. I always choose food with the highest protein content for my cats.
We in the media rarely lie to you.

But that leaves plenty of room to take things wildly out of context.

That's where most big scare stories come from, like recent headlines about GM foods. GM means "genetically modified," which means scientists add genes, altering the plant's DNA, in this case to make the crop resistant to pests.

Last week, Poland joined seven other European countries in banning cultivation of GM foods.

The politicians acted because headlines screamed about how GM foods caused huge tumors in rats. The pictures of the rats are scary. Some have tumors the size of tennis...