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He was comparing it to pure electric vehicles like the Leaf. They are cheaper, yet have far better electric range. You can't double dip and claim electric-only-like savings on the Volt while it has a puny 38 miles of range.
You forgot to mention that GM LOST money on every Volt BEFORE they lowered the price!
Is this really the best we can do? He forced Gardasil on teenage girls. Now mind you, since then this drug has been tested and appears to be safe. My issue isn't with the drug--it's with the actions of an authoritarian state, stealing the rights of the people. It's up to individuals, or their parents as minors in this case, to take responsibility for their own health.
Obama is Commander in Chief and, as Truman said, "the buck stops here."
Correct. I read the article and it doesn't provide any evidence either; just fuzzy allegations. The "Christian trappings" Mr. Paranoid mentioned included comments by Maria Shriver and John McCain. So apparently, uninformed and perhaps insensitive comments by people at a funeral are part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to impose Christian beliefs on soldiers. Mmmkay.
Even if Perkins is a racist, quoting him in an article doesn't indicate wrongdoing on the behalf of Townhall any more than quoting Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton's racist comments does.
I don't know what you're talking about, you loon. Having a bible on one's desk or saying a prayer at a funeral is disorderly?
Nothing less than termination of the supervisor is appropriate. The message must be clear.
Slavery was not abolished in GB and its colonies until 1833. Slaves may de facto not be welcome on the Isles, but the King and aristocracy sure did enjoy the wealth they obtained from the institution.
It's probably that silly idea that such a thing should be decided by legislation and not the executive. Are we defending Obama for vetoing a bill because the people you mention never even had the opportunity to sign one?
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