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Now ask me why. But before you do, look at how many white people are now in government jobs - local, county, state or federal. And this is especially true in large urban areas (law enforcement and quasi law enforcement) where they have all the heavy artillery. Hell. blacks now have all the good jobs in the country, and most of them do not know their a** from a hole in the ground.
YES, and then some!
Anne, your point it well taken, but you missed MY point. Why put a three-legged horse in a race with Seattle Slew? This is what happened here, and his Mormonism is a monumental liability. I happen to know because I know many otherwiswe decent people who just do not like Moromons and ciew it as a cult,. And so don't the democrats.
...on this side of the pond.
I hate to burst your balloons, boys and girlls, but it's a changed world, and it took Obama only 3 years to do it. There are more government paid ads now on radio and television for people to apply for food stamps and welfare than there are lice in Obama's bedroom. That's an automatic voter for the dems, and even a stupid democrat (but I repeat myself) realized he can steal at the ballot box - and he doesn't even need a gun. The fireworks here will make Greece and Spain and England look like a backyard fireworks party compared to this coming holocaust on this side of th
We were hoping he woulad attack Obama like he did Gingrich and Santorum and Cain and all the rest. But no such luck. He is acting like Der Fuhrer is an old scholl chum. IOW, we put up a clone of McCain.
Anne, why is Benson yucking it up and acting like Romney's Mormonism is something to be joked about when in fact it is his SINGLE BIGGEST LIABILITY - and the democrats knew it months ago when they flooded these websites with their paid pro Romney trolls. Maybe McRomney IS a nice guy and good-looking, but so what? Can he fight? No, he is a wuss! Will he take it to Obama? Nope, and he has already taken half a dozen things off the table. Sound like anyone we knew in 2008?
This is for Benson, McRomney's secret lover. Guy, a long time ago I told you and this forum what the democrats would do with Ward Cleaver's Mormonism, and you all pooh poohed me suggesting the demoocrats were above this. Flag number one for your stupidity right there! Well, you ain't seen nothing yet, and this is just ONE of about TEN other reasons he will be beaten in November. BUT YOU AND KARL ROVE WANTED THE GUY - well you got him, and he doesn't even have Palin to help him out. Nice to have experts like you and Rove to nominate our candidates. The Stupid Party is Stupid because of guys like you, Benson.
And there's no compwlling need for black morons to be president either. What's your point?
Lois01's next request will be that the taxpayer foot the bill for handsome male escorts for butt ugly sluts like - well, LoisO!
Do I hear a nympomaniac chattering again?
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