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Stop Subsidizing Stadiums

Huckstahontas Wrote: May 21, 2012 11:44 PM
RINOS UNITE! See if you can fu** the public as bad or worse than the Marxocrats!
Any black now automatically gets a 9 second start in the 100 meter dash against white guys. If he has a wheelchair, they reduce it to eight seconds.
No way you should have a brain, and God saw to that.
Still, I live here and they gave us absolutely NO reason. Two other posters, one from Florida, told me of similar occurrences. I gotta tall ya when it is THAT dark, organized "law enforcement" can pretty much do what they want, not to mention ordinary thugs. I just do not understand why they do not have backup generators to test older equipment in certain areas. I have my deep suspicions. I think they did it to guage the public outcry, and there was almost none.
He only went to Harvard because he was a stupid black man - and came out even dumber.
If there was ever a time the American citizen needed guns and rifles, it's now - even moe than during any other period I can think of because of Holder and Obama.
The second amendment guarantees every other amendment. Why so you think the libs hate it so much?
Still, you may or may not be aware of it, but there have been reposts from all over the country (and I live in one such area where it happened) where the electric companies have turn off power to entire sections of the cities, usually from 11 PM to 6AM, and have not given their customers one single reason why this was done. Now this is scary, Still, because it has happened in so many locations spread our across the country in the hopes that no one would notice. The government can k*** a lot of people under the cover of total darkness.
Still, I am getting older now and losing some of my contacts and on the ground knowledge. I pray to God you are right. All we really need on our side are highly technical people with us (power grid and comminications) and lots of really good marksmen with high caliber, long range rifles and night scopes. Positioned properly, they could take our anyone and anything. Seeing your buddy getting shot at night will put the fear of the lord in the most brutish of men.
Now ask me why. But before you do, look at how many white people are now in government jobs - local, county, state or federal. And this is especially true in large urban areas (law enforcement and quasi law enforcement) where they have all the heavy artillery. Hell. blacks now have all the good jobs in the country, and most of them do not know their a** from a hole in the ground.
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