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Can Romney Show Voters That Obama Is Out of Date?

hubcityff Wrote: Apr 09, 2012 12:27 AM
I did not vote for Dole or McCain & I will not vote for Romney. The GOP had an opportunity for a slam dunk, but, unfortunately, they dribbled the ball out of bounds. The GOP has absolutely shown they are throwing in the towel by pushing Romney.

Time for a postmortem on the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Yes, I know Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are still out there saying interesting things. And that Rick Santorum says it's only halftime and argues he can somehow overtake Mitt Romney by carrying his home state of Pennsylvania.

But polls there show a close race. And the idea that, if Romney falls short of a delegate majority, superdelegates will throng to a proudly unscripted, shoot-from-the-lip alternative is delusional.

The interesting questions are what the primaries and caucuses tell us about the state of the Republican Party and about Mitt...