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Will Clinton 'Go Rogue' Tonight at the DNC?

"Will Clinton 'Go Rogue' Tonight at the DNC?" We can only hope, but I doubt it. He may get in one oblique dig in at Obama, yet in the end, he will be the dutiful water carrier for the party - and for the sake of his wife in 2016.

Bill Clinton has called President Obama an ‘amateur’ and reportedly told Ted Kennedy that, “A few years ago, this guy [Obama] would have been carrying our bags.” He also “stuck a fork” in Obama’s attacks on Romney for his record at Bain Capital, saying the governor has had a “sterling business career.” The two have never been close and some say they don’t really like each other at all. Nevertheless, the former president will be delivering the nominating speech tonight at the DNC, which he refuses to show Obama beforehand. This is leaving some to wonder if...