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"This vote is mostly due to the large African American populations in these wards." In other words, Black people voted for the Black man regardless of intractable unemployment, dismissal GDP, rampant corruption, inflation, massive federal debt, and increasing poverty. Of course that's not racist...
T!ts for brains. No votes for you!
They're GREEK columns, not ROMAN, dammit!
To paraphrase: No matter how cute she is, somebody, somewhere is tired of her foul-mouthed, hate-mongering bigot craapp.
Once upon a time in this country's history, many people learned civility and other acceptable social behavior from the 'Sunday Man.' You know, a preacher, who explained how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ taught us to be kind and generous; not to lie or steal; be modest and temperate in all things. But now that government is the solution to all of life's ills, it's twice upon a time.
"How dare women think that just because they pay for health insurance that their health should be insured." I have no idea what you just wrote.
Republicans: Living rent-free in Ed's head since 2009.
Here's a link to Denver channel 9 news' story. I'm glad no one was hurt, but read the comments. Nine out of ten of the first comments I read on this story postulate that this vandalism is designed and perpetrated by Obama-ites as a 'false flag' operation in order to smear Conservatives. Odd, huh?
It's just crazy talk to think that the V.P. of this administration is part of this administration and can speak for this administration. What's next? Expecting the POTUS to take responsibility for his policies?? You right wing nuts and your cult of responsibility. Crazy talk.
Katie, Katie, journalist lady. You left out some important context: "Obama raised more than $114 million in August... It's the first time in four months the Democrats have outraised the Republicans. And it's a sharp increase for the president, who raised $75 million in July. Read more:
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