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Bitcoins are not controlled by anybody..." Bull! One person. Go high enough and it all comes to one person - or kabal of persons. And just how does one 'buy' the wind?
"I Want $15 per Hour so I Don’t Have to Work so Much" Ah. The ignorant life of a parasite.
Nice list, John, but all but one on that list are baby boomer has-beens, or so far down the food chain as to be irrelevant. I think a better list would be those hollyweird or TV sycophants who swim in the sewer pipe of visual 'entertainment.'
$4.2 BILLION per year for illegal 'child tax credits.' Because draconian sequester cuts, of course - which means there's no way Obama can find $700 million to fund the FAA in order to keep the planes flying on time. How's that hopey changey workin' out for ya, America?
Ol' Jimmy boy can't get the the hollywood hotties to grip his gun no mo', so he babbles. Sad, really.
I remember when Nevada had a few too many wise guys who broke knee caps and poured cement overcoats to retain power. Now, it's food service folks waving carrots and kitchen knives. LOL
"Reid Uses Dead Marines to Fearmonger on Sequester" I expect nothing less from a panty-wearing pederast pervert like Nancy Reid.
The people who keep re-electing this nitwit are who really scare me.
Ol' Joe looks like he could use another drink.
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