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Bad Rules

Once upon a time in this country's history, many people learned civility and other acceptable social behavior from the 'Sunday Man.' You know, a preacher, who explained how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ taught us to be kind and generous; not to lie or steal; be modest and temperate in all things. But now that government is the solution to all of life's ills, it's twice upon a time.

We take free speech for granted in America, unlike elsewhere. The furor over that anti-Muslim video is the latest reminder of that.

But freedom of speech is never safe, even here. Many colleges now impose "civility codes." Civility is nice, but enforcing a "civility rule" against offensive speech would put an end to lots of useful provocative speech. As a University of North Carolina student put it, "A picture of Mitt Romney would offend 70 percent of residence hall students."

Taping my Fox Business Network show at UNC, I also learned that the college, to "protect" women, had dropped...