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Always Clarifying: Biden Speaks for Himself, Not Administration on Libya

It's just crazy talk to think that the V.P. of this administration is part of this administration and can speak for this administration. What's next? Expecting the POTUS to take responsibility for his policies?? You right wing nuts and your cult of responsibility. Crazy talk.

Vice President Joe Biden is still in hot water today after saying last night during the vice presidential debate in Danville that State Department officials in Benghazi didn't request more consulate security. As previously reported, the facts, backed up by documents, cables and Congressional testimony, show officials in Benghazi requesting more security in early 2012. After the debate, Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter said she "didn't catch" Biden's remarks about Libya and today, the White House is saying Biden doesn't speak for the entire administration when it comes to Libya and was speaking about his personal knowledge about...