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The Mao Dynasty Moves Toward Democracy And Human Rights

HR1320 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 12:09 PM
So should we start lining up for the mass slaughter that Mao did (60-80 million) so we can share in the same prosperity? Are these Republican Ideals why China appears on the opposite side of the table from us and the Free world on International Affairs? Is Liberty the reason they are massively expanding their Military? Look this may be a good path they are currently on and Nixon was correct to recognize that a Country with their size population can not be ignored but he also acknowledged that they will never be our allies but can be neighbors, if we hold our advantages, which President Buba gave up, thanks

A more important, historically speaking, presidential election than America’s concluded last week … where Xi Jinping was entrusted with the leadership of China. The selection followed a process viewed as hermetic by us western barbarians. Yet there is an organic logic to it if viewed as part of a slow-motion, dramatic, transformation. This transformation has important implications for the United States, for China, and for the world.

The USA, counting from the Declaration of Independence, is only 236 years old. China has 6,000 years of continuous, historical, political culture. It has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations, most of...