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Happily Unmarried: What Are the Financial Issues?

HR1320 Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 1:59 PM
I do understand that this is purely a fiscal column but there is a serious Red Flag here in "We both want children but don't want to marry". I would be better for society overall if you'd repeatedly said "Don't bring children into this". It reminds me of 15 year old girls who say they wanted to get pregnent because they wanted somebody to love them, get a pet not a kid!

Dear Carrie, I'm 34 and thinking of moving in with my boyfriend. We're committed to each other and both want children, but we don't plan to get married. From a financial point of view, what do we need to know? --A Reader

Dear Reader, It's good that you're asking this question now, before moving in together. A committed emotional relationship soon evolves into a financial relationship as you start to share the costs and concerns of everyday life, whether you're married or not.

However, handling day-to-day living expenses is the simple part. It's when you get into things like...