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Glorious Days for Radical Islam

HR1320 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 10:36 AM
Yea on the run but which way?
Nixon was far from stupid, read one of his books. He actually gives credit to his assistants and researchers and produced about 5 of them after a life "In the Arena" he actually had a record of accomplishment and became wealthy via earning it as opposed to becoming wealthy while in office like the Clinton's. He was an accomplished lawyer in private practice when he was not in office. I hate being the one to praise him but he was far from the worse and in his book "In the Arena" he explains why he did the Price and Wage Freeze that it was against his principals but what a Democratic Congress was going to force him to sign (they could over ride his veto) was a whole bunch worse. I come here not to praise him but historical truth which many do not wish to acknowledge and trust me we could use his Foreign Policy Expertise now and for the last 24 years, he understood how the world turned.
I have not seen this video but I wish to state that I am dog tired of Nixon getting thrown under the bus and all think it is legitimate because of Watergate. Nixon inherited one hell of a mess and already had the left side of the spectrum incised against him because he got Alger Hiss convicted of perjury. I have read him guilty of numerous things that he remotely could not have possibly done. Yes he orchestrated a cover up and resigned for it, that actually shows some honor Obama and Clinton have no where near that level of chivalry. Though the man was not perfect he had a lot more than most to deal with and he was brilliant on the international stage.
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Judge Beats Up Lawyer in FL: Justice Served

HR1320 Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 11:59 AM
No but staying in Law school will sure make you one.
I am trying to wrap my head around this with the 16 trillion dollar debt but a very frugal President Obama? OK if you say so. In Nixon's book "In the Arena" he tells why he did the Price Freeze and a couple of other unconservative things. The Congress was Democratically run and he claims what they were about to send down was much worse and they could override him. He was also brilliant on foreign policy and he actually knew what he was doing as opposed to others.
Carter, humility, really?
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Poverty and Snow Storms

HR1320 Wrote: May 20, 2014 10:57 AM
From the 70's to today we have followed the progressive path especially in education and the results are plain to see but you feel we have not done enough. You might have a sight problem because you obviously have no problem solving skills. What you propose has a track record and it is miserable but please plod on, one or two more head butts against the wall might just do the trick, Good Luck. Note Ransom and others: Please read some facts about Dioxin and Agent Orange. I would not deny anything to our Vets but let us deal with facts. The trail to "what folks know" about it is littered with all sorts of "of's and maybe's." Do you really think the Government would knowingly poison it's own troops? Really? Birth defects are not caused by it either but we have spent Billions to get to the bottom of it but we seem to be stuck in perpetual study because it pays good. Just one study short of prosperity. We need to deal in facts, Agent Orange was a defoliant, it did not kill it just made the leaves fall off.
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Two Women in the News

HR1320 Wrote: May 19, 2014 10:12 AM
Could Rove's actions be compared to McCarthy's Wheeling speech? Nobody recorded it either but all seemed to think they knew what he said.
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Making College Affordable

HR1320 Wrote: May 16, 2014 10:34 AM
I would caution you that I have found Burns to be yes entertaining but not always unbiased and often times can not hold back over emphasizing negativity and laying guilt. History in film is truly rare. Even in books one must go through a few on a subject to get the whole picture. The Pacific was a good example of this. It showed the progressive brutality of Allied Forces against Imperial Japan (IJ) yet only showed one atrocity by them in the beginning of the series. I.J. was as ruthless and murderous as the Nazi's but you do not see much to show that. Search "Unit 731" for starters then get a copy of the Rape of Nan King.
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Civil Rights Act: Fact or Legend

HR1320 Wrote: May 12, 2014 10:26 AM
Regardless it needs to be done if we are to be saved. Truth may hurt but it also heals.
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