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Recruit George McGovern to Speak -- at the REPUBLICAN Convention!

hpolicinski Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 7:37 PM
I agree with your response about the man G. McGovern was. Everything on my mind and my 1972 voting plank was who will end this war in Viet Nam? The first time I was old enough to vote was 1968 and it was the California June primary. I voted for Bobby Kennedy and a few hours later he was murdered. Many of us on both sides of the political line just wanted that war over and done. We had been lied to and propaganda rampent with the cold war, and all many of us young voters and families wanted was peace.Mc Govern was a wonderful, decent, Spiritual man and Bobby was a man with vision. I'd like to add that neither of todays candidates are inpressive and the planks from their platforms do not instill trust for me as an American.

Shrewd move in choosing House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., as running mate for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Now here's the next play: Invite George McGovern, the 1972 Democratic presidential candidate, to speak this month in Tampa at the Republican National Convention.

Yes, that old lefty McGovern. You know the expression, "A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged"? Well, McGovern has been mugged.

The most left-wing Democratic presidential candidate this side of Barack Obama, former Sen. McGovern, D-S.D., proposed giving every man, woman and child an annual $1,000 "demogrant." In his nomination acceptance speech, McGovern...