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Romney's Campaign Needs Turnaround Artist

hpettyjohn Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 4:22 PM
I don't see Romney lowering himself to the indignant comments and lies to put himself in competition with Obama. Romney has class and dignity becoming of a President. The only thing Obama has going for himself is his mouth. He hasn't proven anything else.
One of Romney's great skills is the ability to turn around failing enterprises. He did it with private firms while he ran Bain Capital; he did it for an indebted Massachusetts and he did it for the Olympics. He needs to do it for his campaign now.

Neil Newhouse, Romney's pollster, attempted to soothe worried Republicans last week by stressing that the race remains extremely close. But the fact that Romney's pollster isn't worried is itself worrying. By rights, Romney should be 10 points ahead. They seem to think the bad economy will automatically win this race for the Republican.