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obama's distinctive baratone - a turd yodeling in a toilet bowl.
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The Media and the Mob

howzzat Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 12:39 PM
I mostly question the ethics of a grand jury. Can they actually be trusted anymore with politics being as it is. Case in point: Austin grand jury in Gov. Perry indictment. Obvious case of political bias of the grand jury by liberals.
Re: "Foreign laborers don't pay into SS or Medicare/Medicaid in addition to not paying into Fed income,taxes, State income Taxes, property taxes, vehicle registration, sales tax, corporate tax for the plants they work in, they don't shop in American stores," Right, and because they are 'foreign' the don't get Social Security or Medicare, or any U.S. government benefits, hopefully, so kind of a wash the way I see it.
Although I am very conservative, I think those ideas proposed are ludicrous! Yes, mean test the rich for a max amount paid out due to the fact they are maxed out at a certain income taxed. And then regarding the poor, they are the people that need social security the most, and with the least amount of available money they have to be forced into a paying for a retirement fund, even if it is a very minimum amount. Having a retirement savings account will not work unless people are forced to save and that would be an impossible task without having to file an IRS form. Two problems with that: first is that tax forms are an abomination and that would force even people with no taxable income to file a tax form to prove they saved the required amount in their retirement savings account; second is the fact that some of us are doing all we can to eliminate the IRS, and if that feat is ever achieved then there would be no way to assure a retirement savings account requirement would be complied with.
I think the most obvious example of republicans being losers is the debate between ryan and biden. Ole Joe sat the grinning like a piece of retarded monkey snot and ryan just sat there and took it instead of calling Ole Joe out and showing what an idiot he is. What a wuss, along with romney and the rest of the republicans! The only ones with grit are the real conservatives!
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Secret Ancient Liberal Playbook Revealed

howzzat Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 12:27 PM
You are EXACTLY right about a national minimum wage, johnm h. It is ludicrous but the little people love it and will vote for any socialist that advocates it! Bunch of greedy losers that can't advance in the economic system. And we can't beat them! If there is a minimum wage mandated by government, it should all be local! But there is no way to beat a coven of greedy losers!
All these environmental regulations are a 'war on the poor". Makes everything more expensive, which makes it harder for low middle class and poor. When are the liberals/progressives going to admit they hate poor people!
I don't believe any conservative would be able to verify if this is true or not. Anybody with an ounce of intelligence (leaves out any and all liberals) could not stand to watch MSNBC for more than a few minutes. Any conservatives out there that want to admit to watching more than that?
Who says we have to deport them all. Enforce employment laws, just make them more onerous and the jobs will dry up. Self deportation if no jobs, or gov. goodies available.
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Deliberate Dismantling of Welfare Reform

howzzat Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 10:13 AM
So, when will Congress wake up and outlaw Presidential Signing Statement? They should be illegal from either Conservative or liberal Presidents. They clearly override LEGAL laws passed by Congress, which should be CLEARLY illegal, but they allow this scam to continue. Everybody should contact their Senators and Representatives about this issue and encourage them to discontinue this practice. NO President has the singular authority to override a lawful law passed by Congress. So, folks, lets do something about this abominable practice!
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