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John, When you blame conservatives for not doing enough and then do not offer even a single constructive recommendation, you are the one acting like a totalitarian (I refuse to call the progressives or liberals).
No system is any good if we have to trust the government to publish accurate information
Pakistan already has an airline called Pakistan airlines. It is unlikely that a sovereign country would want the use of a nuke pinned to it, but Pakistan might sanction flying a nuke to where the plane was taken, assuming that it was stolen. If the plane was stolken as alleged in this article, it might be some time before we know what it is going to be used for. . My guess is that it is now on some South Pacfic island where, under cover, the paint is being stripped off, See my earlier post.
This is a scenario straight out of a W.E.B. Griffin book in the Presidential Agent series, but can't recall the name off hand. There are over 25,000 islands in the vicinity of the Philippines and Indonesia, and since an operation like this takes a long time to plan, it is possible that an island could have had a landing strip cleared and paved using jungle foliage for cover. The trouble is that this administration doesn't have any "Charlie Castillo". to go steal the plane back, just a bunch of incompetent reset button pushers, who would rather leave our people to die than take any action that's not politically correct. .
Seems that the insurance companies would want the bailout first to ensure that they get their contractual pay and bonuses (that Obama and Sebelius most likely promised them for going along with Obamacare in the first place). Then, when the bailouts fail to make Obamacare work, the administration will have even more ammo to blame the big insurance companies and go for single payer. Then the insurance CEOs will get plush jobs in the administration running single payer. or ambassadorships, whichever they prefer. Then it will be time to overthrow the government.
The crucial part was omitted....the only way to have free markets is by eliminating lawyers and politicians from federal, state and local government...by the most humane methods available, naturally. .
Before anything else, we need to repeal the Gun Free Zones Law and put those that signed off on it in jail, including Bill Clinton. Having trained, armed people at schools and shopping malls will not deter a determined lunatic, but it can reduce the number of casualties,
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AEI President Discusses Charitable Giving

howiem Wrote: Dec 04, 2013 7:19 PM
What? Not a word about unemployment or that the work force has shrunk to the lowest level in decades? Government interference in our lives and livelihoods are responsible for this. In 2007 the Democrats increased the minimum wage. Unemployment started increasing later that year, before the housing bubble caused by government burst. When people don't have jobs, are in debt up to their ears because they went to college on loans, reducing their discretionary spending power, etc., and have empty wallets and pockets, the tendency shifts from giving to charity to becoming charity cases. The government keeps increasing taxes on the wealthy, which causes them to give less to charity. So it is not just a quick fix of the tax code that is needed. Reduce government, reduce rules and regulations, increase confidence in the future, so small businesses can hire again, and most of all Demolish Democrats.
When Obama signed the law it was 906 pdf pages long. It authorized Sebelius to write thousands of new regulations. Now the law, according to http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2013/10/23/affordable-care-act-pages-long/3174499/ is over 11,000 pages, so it is very possible that when Obama signed the bill into law it was njot in there. Of course this should raise the flag of why the hell do Americans allow laws to be passed that are incomplete when signed into law? That practice must stop.
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The NFL Goes all Bloomberg on Gun Owners

howiem Wrote: Nov 29, 2013 5:11 AM
And we the people have the right to use the power of the market to boycott their games, their commercials and their other products. Until their policies change, I will never watch or attend another game, buy a product or do anything else to enhance their revenue, including supporting the NFL sponsors as Kirk72 points out below.
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