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Do the Right Thing

howe Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 9:34 AM
Many great accomplishments by people who did not have a hand in this scandel will suffer along with the victims, because money, power and image was given priority over evil activity. This same mindset is becoming a way of life in the Whitehouse and cover-up is preferred to justice for all.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh has now issued his final report on the scandal at Penn State University, but the question remains: How could so many decent people fail to act when presented with an eyewitness account of sexual abuse of a child?

Jerry Sandusky, assistant coach at Penn State for 32 years, was convicted in June of 45 counts of child sex abuse. For at least 15 years, Sandusky used his position at Penn State to prey on victims, setting up a charitable foundation that recruited at-risk boys, many of whom he would abuse on campus and on...